2018 Promotions

Ending April 30, 2018 - order 3 years of Sonicwall Advanced Gateway Security Suite and you get the Sonicwall hardware for free - you must be an existing Sonicwall customer with either TZ100, 105, 200, 205, 210, 215, 150(W), 170(W), 180... or NSA 240, 220, 250, 2400, 3500, and more.  This hardware upgrade gains you the latest in next generation firewall technology and access to the Sonicwall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service.  It is a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox that stops both known and unknown cyber attacks from critically impacting your business. Contact us today to see if your Sonicwall is eligible for this upgrade.

Why Use Sonicwall

In the past you could just block all ports except for http and https and you were good to go.  But the hackers and phishers have gotten wise and now are using these protocols too.  Columbia Communications believes the best defense is multiple layers of protection - test phishing emails, security eduction for employees, an effective AV and anti-malware on the workstation, and an enterprise grade firewall to block at the Internet.

Some of the features we like:

Geo-IP Blocking - where you can block access to and from Countries - like Russia, N Korea, etc.

Content Filtering - enforce acceptable use policies and block access to websites that are objectionable or unproductive.

Gateway Anti-virus and anti-spyware blocking

Application Control - control applications or application features

Application Bandwidth management - regulate available bandwidth for critical applications while inhibiting nonessential application traffic (like limiting facebook to only 1mb)

SSL decryption and inspection - decrypts and inspects SSL traffic on the fly for malware, intrustions, and data leakage. While this is a separate license, it is a must have with majority of websites now being SSL/https.

Intrusion Prevention - Zero-day protection, auto signature updates, botnet detection and blocking

Site to Site VPNs

VPN Client and SSL VPN

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While we are a reseller of Sonicwall products and support renewals, we can also assist you in modifying your configuration or in enabling new features.

Is your firewall running the latest firmware update? New features are added all the time.

We can provide security assessments to verify you are protected as best as you can be.

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